sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

bad feelings. a bad day. a bad month. maybe a bad year, though.

Won't take it ahead. But I won't stop. The poison is killing me from inside, but I need to stay alive. And it hurts... it really hurt me. The same thing that make my heart still beat, make it bleed... I can't stand for much time. I'm here waiting for a change. Hoping for a change. Crying for a change. Or for something else. The end is coming and I'm here like a fool. And, "this fool" don't know what to do... Will you notice me this way? Do you ever worry about me? ... Too much questions. Anyone with a reasonable reply... All stuck on my mind. Stuck. I'm stuck.
And you seems to have fun with it. With IT, not with ME. I feel jealous. I feel sad.
It never happened before, but... what a strange thing, huh? You can laugh now, if you want. You can leave me now, like you ever wanted.
I can be wrong, but I can be right. It was supposed to be one relationship full of love... reciprocal love. I am not receiving my part from 'reciprocal'. Am I too demanding? Or just feeling lonely? Anyway. I love you, and I'm suffering with that. That's almost all. Just show me that you love me too. Hug me the way I hug you. Love me... the way I love you.

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